DNR continues, improves hunting forecast guide

posted Aug. 28, 2017 7:57 a.m. (CDT)
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by / Jerry Davis | Correspondent

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    Wisconsin hunters will find the DNR’s fall forecast pamphlet useful and easy to access.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources each August assembles a lengthy fall forecast guide for hunters, trappers and other users to assist in planning outdoors outings.

To ease and reduce the need to read and study more than 50 pages of material, photographs and charts, some sections and species are sorted by region.

“This year’s fall hunting and trapping forecast will give readers helpful rules and regulations updates, but also share hunting and trapping forecasts both regionally and statewide to help people plan their hunts,” said Sawyer Briel, DNR administrative policy coordinator. “We’ve got population (wild game) information and other useful data for a number of Wisconsin’s species from DNR staff and partners. This is some of the information that will be found in the August publication.”

Briel reminds users that social media pages are an excellent way to stay updated on wildlife-related topics — they will begin to share the forecasts on those platforms when it is complete in a week or so.

In addition, the DNR will share a web series they’re calling “Wild Wisconsin” with hunters this autumn.

“We know hunters will want information on the go and they want the freedom to watch as little or as much as they want at a time at home or in the field,” Briel said. “This approach will give them an opportunity to watch segment-by-segment or all at once on YouTube, the DNR website or Facebook and on partner pages, with no more DVR, no more checking to see when something is on TV.”

These changes are additions to the forecast, not eliminating something to make room for something else. Regulation updates and hunting and trapping tips are a couple examples of data that may not be available at the time of publication or something that may help to clear up a confusing point during the seasons.

Some users may decide to print a portion or page of these documents using their home computers before leaving for hunting trips or camps, since some locations are, by design, remote and not always in direct line with phone signals.

This forecast and added information is not a replacement for the several hunting and trapping regulation pamphlets, which are also available online.

A related benefit of this information is safety and improved pleasure during a day or several weekends in Wisconsin’s fields and forests. Enjoying the outdoors legally and free of citations and penalties is enhanced by this type of literature, regardless of how it is accessed.

Welcome to the modern days of hunting and trapping, without having to eliminate all long-standing traditions.

Be safe out there. And informed.

Jerry Davis can be reached at sivadjam@mhtc.net.

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