Immigration article brings questions

posted April 3, 2017 8:58 a.m. (CDT)
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To the editor:

I am writing in response to the article “Workforce concerns: Under Trump, Wisconsin dairies struggle to keep immigrant workers” (March 22, Page 1C).

I am a little confused, so here are a few questions I have for both the authors of the article and the people interviewed in it. Is there no legal way for people to enter this country anymore? Can’t the illegal immigrants return home and then attempt to enter the country legally? Are dairy farmers being forced to expand beyond their own labor force? If the dairy farmers don’t want to milk their own cows, why do they think anyone else would want to? Why does it take these large dairies so many cows to make a living when there are many small farms that can cash flow on lower milk prices? If it’s so much more profitable to be big, how is it that you can only afford to pay a wage that no legal citizen would work for? Didn’t you consider that relying on illegal immigrants to be your main labor force might have consequences someday?

Who in this article are we supposed to feel sorry for, exactly, the farmers who expanded to satisfy their ego, and now realize that it isn’t as easy as they thought, or the people who have committed a crime and are hiding from the authorities?

Brad Afdahl


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