Be aware of rules for exhibiting animals

posted July 9, 2018 8:11 a.m. (CDT)
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The Minnesota Board of Animal Health is reminding livestock owners to review their responsibilities before exhibiting animals at their county fairs or other events this summer.

In general, animals should have official identification and be free from infectious, contagious or communicable disease, including ringworm and warts. Any animals coming to Minnesota from another state need to be inspected by a veterinarian before movement and move with a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and permit (if required) filed with the BAH. Proper identification and records allow for a quick and thorough response to minimize spread of animal disease.

Not all forms of identification are approved by the Board, and acceptable forms of official identification vary by species. Find a breakdown of acceptable official identification at​bah/​official-id. For species-specific guidelines and requirements for exhibiting animals in Minnesota, check out the exhibitions page at​bah/​exhibitions.

Owners should be aware of any specific rules or expectations of the fair or event they’re attending. Additional questions or concerns regarding exhibition of livestock in Minnesota can be directed to the exhibition manager, official veterinarian or by calling the Board at 651-201-6826.

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